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Consigning Furniture, Home Décor & Everything Else

When can I drop offer my items?

Furniture, home décor, and general consignment items are accepted through out the year.  If space is available we do require an appointment to be scheduled 24-48 hours prior to drop off of these items. 


Prior to scheduling your appointment to drop off your furniture for consignment we require photos to be sent via email or text message for approval.  Please contact our store for the email address or number to text photos over.  


Items need to be clean, dust free and be up to date styles.  Vintage items are welcome on a case by case basis. We need to be able to sell the items we take in, please no left overs from a garage sale we do not accept these. 


We do accept a wide variety of items for consignment, for ideas and a list of items we are always looking for please contact us. 

How long do you keep my items?

Our Consignment agreement is for 120 Days.  After that you will either need to come pick up your items or they will be donated and/or become the property of 2nd Time Around Consignment.  Exceptions are made on a case by case basis.  

We are able to perform minor repairs to make some piece showroom ready.  If your items require to be  painted, dusted, glued or repaired- fees will vary depending on the required amount of repair and cleaning.  These fees will be deducted from proceeds of the sale.

What percentage do I make on consignment?

Typically our consignment agreements provide a 40/60 split in the stores favor.  We will negotiate split terms based on quality and quantity of items provided.  If you need your items picked up we are able to do so for some items. There are fees involved but nothing is needed up front.  Once your items sell we take the pick up fees off your payout.  

What if my items do not sell?

Items are marked down on a 30/60/90 day schedule.  You will have the ability to provide an itemized list for items that will be exempt from a mark down schedule.  If the consignor chooses, they can pick up the items or the items at the end of 120 days or they will become the property of 2nd Time Around.   

Do you buy furniture & décor?

We do purchase some décor and furniture for cash up front.  It is case by case basis and is dependent on inventory needs, condition of you item, etc.  Please contact the store for more information.  Store credit is also an option for your items.  If you want to purchase items in our store, we can buy your items and give you store credit to use in our store.