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We Buy and Sell with Style

At 2nd Time Around Consignment, we provide our loyal shoppers with a broad assortment of ever-changing inventory. The only thing that remains the same is our low prices. We also have helpful sales associates who are happy to assist you in finding the right item at the right price to fit your budget and shopping needs. They also help to ensure that your donation, sales or consignment process is satisfactory. Contact us for all of your buying, selling or donating needs!

Store Policies: Store Policies


If there are any problems please contact us first for returns, we can help with the return process.
All of our items offer a 30-day return policy, new and used.
All items must be returned in their entirety. 
All items must be returned in the condition that they were received in. 
New items that are returned must be returned as new items, packaging must be sealed and clothing must still have all tags.
Buyers are responsible for all shipping fees.

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Store Policies: Return Policy
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Items are shipped within 2-3 business days of receiving confirmed funds. 
Items are packaged using high-quality shipping materials to protect your new purchase on its way to you.   Please do not request changes to where items are mailed to.

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Store Policies: Shipping Policy
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